LifeLock Credit Monitoring Review

lifelocklogoThe news has been filled with a very scary 2 word phrase in recent years that most Americans really are not quite certain of: IDENTITY THEFT. While most people conceive this to be a drug addict pilfering through their garbage can and looking for their personal papers with their Social Security number, date of birth, home address and phone number, this is really not the case as likely as it might sound to some. The real reality behind identity theft is quite a bit more frightening because there are much more powerful forces at work in this game which is designed to take massive amounts of data from innocent people and then launder it to create a network of crime specialists around the world who are constantly at work moving money and information in what has been called the web’s global black market.

As much as that may sound like the plot to a major motion picture, the sad reality is that this is precisely how things are these days. As a result, credit monitoring companies likeĀ Lifelock and have been able to attract so much interest for their products and services, even creating raving fans who have been victims of identity fraud and then been able to get some level of recovery that the company has aided them with when they otherwise would have been confused, in the dark and had no clue what they needed to do to be able to get not only their credit fixed, but the very information that identifies them to law enforcement, the federal government and a huge range of other massively important organizations that we all have to work with these days. Without some sort of protection or recourse, most of us would be at the mercy of criminals that have taken to the web in efforts to try and bring themselves out of extreme poverty in countries where conditions are very harsh and crime seems to be the only real way that they can ever hope to have enough money to life a decent life.

All of these factors have come together to create the perfect storm, so to speak, for a company like Lifelock to emerge in 2005. Once they got their product off the ground, the put a great deal of effort into advertising their offer, going so far as to show their own chief executive, Todd Davis, speaking on camera while a large truck with his Social Security number painted on the side, drove through a public street. This created quite an uproar since privacy concerns were so incredibly high in those days – and they remain high today. By proving that he is not worried about his information being stolen, Mr. Davis proved to a huge number of people that there is protection they can find and this is what brought Lifelock the 3 million customers that it enjoys today. With such a powerful message of protection and a promise to spend up to $1 million to protect each customer should they be the victim of a serious identity theft case, the Lifelock brand has literally locked its place into the hearts and minds of many Americans who regularly rely on these services to protect their very valuable personal data and keep them on alert for any signs of fraud.

The Lifelock fraud alert service was created by a team of specialists with cutting edge technological solutions. This innovative solution has been
the gold standard in identity theft prevention. It was originally engineered to protect consumers, but the service has greatly expanded beyond these initial roots and it now goes integrates a huge number of different services that are not always offered by its competitors. Those companies all entered the market after it did and are still working hard to establish themselves as a viable alternative to the comprehensive care that Lifelock offers. This may be why there are a good amount of detractors on the web for this company. One needs to keep in mind that even the most open minded and truth oriented journalist is going to experience personal bias and the same goes for reviewers. Many claim that cheaper services exist and this is true, there are cheaper alternatives than the starting $9 per month that Lifelock offers, but there are also more expensive options if one is being fair about the reality. The fact is, Lifelock has done a lot to create these services and has now moved onto even more powerful alternatives that the average person can have working to protect themselves such as a reduction in credit card offers, monitoring of wire transfers for your personal information and a variety of other services.

There are also Lifelock services for businesses which is another area that the company has helped to pioneer, in addition to the concept of Walletlock which offers a protection for those who have lost their wallet containing their crucial ID such as a driver’s license and Social Security card. If these are lost or stolen, Walletlock goes into effect to help the consumer be able to try and recover what they can’t locate themselves and then, if all else fails, get replacements made and get back to their life in the way they want to live it. They offer their notification services by phone, email or by postal mail which suits a broader range of different types of contact that can work for people who are very web savvy right down to the senior citizen who might not regularly check their email or even hear the phone. This range of service and customer centered approach has garnered many positive reviews across the web today.

In the end, everyone has to make up their own mind, but if the reviews that are prevalent across the web right now are any indication – and they almost always are given how free people are to speak their minds online – then the vast majority of those customers with Lifelock who are speaking out find that the $15 Lifelock Command Center has been a huge help to them.