Common Types of Identity Theft

There are just so many Identity Theft victim stories and they are all heart breaking, especially because all of these were avoidable. I receive all types of letters from people that have become victims of this terrible crime, and they are all flabbergasted. They stand in shock not knowing what to do or who to turn to.John – The Man From Out of Town

John was retired and living out of the country. He was busy enjoying the fun and sun and had been living out of the country for about four years. He then decided to return to California and put his house on the real estate market. He came to find out that someone was renting the home and had taken out several second mortgages on the home. The thief had forged his name and a power of attorney to receive the loans. Apparently the thief had even bought a business under the victims name. The victim had no idea what to do or even how to start cleaning up the mess.

Even Family Can Be an Identity Thief

This is the story of Jasmine. She went on vacation and came back to find that her sister had used her credit card and brought charges of more than $1000.

The Long Term Victim

Then there is the guy who has been a victim for a long period of time and finds out when a company calls to verify something or when he checks his credit report. Some people even take out student loans in the persons name. There are a myriad of things that can be done when someone has your identity and important personal information.

The Break In

Peter had his home broken into and his car stolen. He reported the theft and the police found the car. Inside they found hundreds of different social security cards. He had his identity stolen and several cell phones taken out in his name.

Some criminals commit some other type of crime to get the information they need. They may break into your home, steal your wallet, or your purse and use this information to become another You! Scary, isn’t it?

To keep this from happening to you, be aware of what is going on around you, and keep track of your credit score and credit history. If you experience any kind of theft, report it immediately and then keep track of what goes on with your financial information for a while. This will keep your financial records safe and keep you from being a victim again. Always be aware of what is going on around you and if you should leave the country, this does not mean you should not keep track of your financial data. It will be much harder to clear something up the longer you allow it to occur. Sign up for a free credit monitoring service today and stay protected against these types of identity theft.