About Us

We take identity theft extremely seriously.  Unfortunately, not everyone takes the security of their identity quite so seriously, which can result in theft, fraud and worse.  At Valtho.org, we’ve made it our goal to educate consumers about identity theft and give them free tools and resources which can be used on a daily basis to decrease the threats posed from identity thieves.  These include basic strategies to securing personal information on computers and mobile devices.  Preventing sensitive physical information such as credit card statements, bank records etc., from falling into the wrong hands as well as knowing when and where to use credit / debit cards, to avoid potential data breach threats.

This year, 1 in 4 Americans will suffer some type of identity related crime.  Whether it be a stolen credit card, compromised social security number, or data breach loss.  Because of this, it’s imperative that people take immediate action to avoid these crimes.  Please take advantage of our comprehensive base of content from our experts and start protecting your identity today.