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When searching for a quality tree removal service, don't just hire anyone.  Tree removal is a highly technical, dangerous job and, if performed incorrectly, can cause severe damage and major problems for your property.  Evaristo Tree Service in the San Diego, Ca metro area, is a qualified, dependable company that will treat your landscape like it's our own.  If a tree has died during the winter, has become infested with pests, or has become a hazard to your home or walkways, then let us carefully remove it to prevent damage or injury.
Our tree removal specialists will do the job the correct way, saving you from having to face additional costs of lawn repair, fence repair, or home repair as if it was performed incorrectly by a lesser experienced company.  We are a licensed and insured tree removal company and can provide references from any of our satisfied customers.  Contact us for a tree removal consultation so that we can discuss your options and give you a free cost estimate.  The cost of tree removal service varies with each tree because there are so many factors involved such as size, girth, age, and species of the tree all play a role in the tree removal process. 
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Tree Removal Services

When you choose Evaristo Tree Service to take care of your unwanted tree, our tree care experts are trained in all safety regulations of the tree removal process.  Our tree removal techniques are put in place to ensure the safety of your home, property, and adjacent properties.  We scale the tree using spiked tree climbing equipment which allows for more leverage and stability, enabling us to work quickly.  We utilize individual tree removal equipment to cut your tree down from the top, piece by piece, and lower each section carefully down to the ground.  This method is used to avoid the dangers of an entire tree falling over in the wrong direction. 


Tree Removal When You Need It Most

​At Evaristo Tree Service,  we are proud to be the best tree removal company in the Capital Region area.  We also offer 24-hour emergency tree removal services.  Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they are always at the most inopportune time.  If you are faced with a tree-related disaster such as a fallen tree on your home or vehicle, call us as soon as possible so we can assist you during this stressful event.  Our quick responders will help you navigate through the overwhelming process of dealing with a disaster, no matter how big or small.  We have arborists on call 24 hours a day so they can reach you quickly and help restore order to your life.  The Evaristo Tree Service team of professionals will handle all of your emergency needs.
Although trees are important and beautiful pieces of nature, they sometimes need to be removed to enjoy fully your landscaping.  Contact us for the best tree removal service in the capital region of California before it is too late!

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