BBQ, Spices & Dry Rubs

Spices and BBQ Dry Rubs

When we think about spices and dry rubs for grilling and BBQ we can think about all the great options that are out there for seasoning your food, while you are marinating it, prepping it for cooking, cooking and even at the finishing stages. Who hasn't added a spice mix to their favorite marinade, then added more right before you throw down on the grill and then dusted the serving plate with a bit more a la Emeril, the king of Bam? But for us to write and talk about spices and dry rubs we prefer to spilt them into categories not based on how you cook, BBQ or grill with them but their "source" or "raw state" if you will. So for us the following categorization of Spices and Dry Rubs makes sense for BBQ and grilling.

Spices – Whole. In this category are of course peppercorns but here we are also talking nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, mustard seeds, coriander, mace, cloves, star anise, celery seed and a few other exotic spices some easy to find some not so easy. Here is where you get into discussion of heating the spice before you use, grinding if after or leaving it whole. Also, what mix of spices do you go with some are heavy and can dominate the dish, others softer but flavorful and able to accent what you are creating. Also, don't forget people who are truly allergic to some of these spices, those that have an aversion and those that just won't give a spice a break. Yes,the spices we talk about on Best of BBQ may surprise you but we hope that they inspire you to learn, use and experiment more with this category of seasoning for grilled and bbq'd foods.

Spices – Ground. Ground spices, that's the spices we are all most familiar with. They come in bags, glass jars, red and white containers and you can even buy in bulk and measure your own at some places. You can get ground spices to use in your BBQ and grilling at high end gourmet stores, your local supermarket, ethnic stores, online of course and at specialty spice shops. But which ones to buy, how to store them, use them and how long to keep them these are questions many people have about the abundant spices that are available for our BBQ'd foods. So take a read on the info here on the website and find out all you need to know about adding ground spices to your BBQ dishes.

Dry Rubs - Last we checked Wikipedia had limited information on Dry Rubs. Perhaps one day we will head out there and edit the listing, contributing our insight on dry rubs to that great source of online info. One thing Wikipedia does do is send you to their section on Spice rub as a source of info for dry rubs. There they talk about how it is a mixture of ground spice used and rubbed on raw food before cooking. They go on to talk about how it forms a coat on the food and can be incorporated into marinates. We like to apply dry rubs to our meat during the cooking and sometimes event after the food is done, making sure the spice mix dissolves a bit. Hopefully you'll find more information on dry rubs, dry rub recipes and dry rub use here on our site and post your own info too.


Finding a Reputable Tree Service in San Diego

Dependable Tree Removal In San Diego, Ca

When searching for a quality tree removal service, don't just hire anyone.  Tree removal is a highly technical, dangerous job and, if performed incorrectly, can cause severe damage and major problems for your property.  Evaristo Tree Service in the San Diego, Ca metro area, is a qualified, dependable company that will treat your landscape like it's our own.  If a tree has died during the winter, has become infested with pests, or has become a hazard to your home or walkways, then let us carefully remove it to prevent damage or injury.
Our tree removal specialists will do the job the correct way, saving you from having to face additional costs of lawn repair, fence repair, or home repair as if it was performed incorrectly by a lesser experienced company.  We are a licensed and insured tree removal company and can provide references from any of our satisfied customers.  Contact us for a tree removal consultation so that we can discuss your options and give you a free cost estimate.  The cost of tree removal service varies with each tree because there are so many factors involved such as size, girth, age, and species of the tree all play a role in the tree removal process. 
Contact us today for a free no hassle estimate!



Tree Removal Services

When you choose Evaristo Tree Service to take care of your unwanted tree, our tree care experts are trained in all safety regulations of the tree removal process.  Our tree removal techniques are put in place to ensure the safety of your home, property, and adjacent properties.  We scale the tree using spiked tree climbing equipment which allows for more leverage and stability, enabling us to work quickly.  We utilize individual tree removal equipment to cut your tree down from the top, piece by piece, and lower each section carefully down to the ground.  This method is used to avoid the dangers of an entire tree falling over in the wrong direction. 


Tree Removal When You Need It Most

​At Evaristo Tree Service,  we are proud to be the best tree removal company in the Capital Region area.  We also offer 24-hour emergency tree removal services.  Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they are always at the most inopportune time.  If you are faced with a tree-related disaster such as a fallen tree on your home or vehicle, call us as soon as possible so we can assist you during this stressful event.  Our quick responders will help you navigate through the overwhelming process of dealing with a disaster, no matter how big or small.  We have arborists on call 24 hours a day so they can reach you quickly and help restore order to your life.  The Evaristo Tree Service team of professionals will handle all of your emergency needs.
Although trees are important and beautiful pieces of nature, they sometimes need to be removed to enjoy fully your landscaping.  Contact us for the best tree removal service in the capital region of California before it is too late!

Evaristo Tree Service

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Best Rated Vacuums Buyers Guide

Are you looking for a new vacuum that is versatile and fulfills all your cleaning needs? You can learn about some of the best rated vacuums to help you decide which vacuum is best for you. Comparison shopping is one of the greatest ways to find the vacuum with the features you need  and at the price you want to pay. When comparing vacuums, don’t forget to read what other customers have to say about each vacuum. Customer reviews are an excellent way to find out how each vacuum measured up for them and if they would recommend the vacuum to other fellow consumers.

Hoover Platinum Collection Upright Lightweight Bagged with Canister, UH30010COM

A vacuum that has several features that may be appealing to you as an upright vacuum is the Hoover Collection Lightweight Upright with Canister.


  • Lightweight and powerful with a 12 amp motor for heavy-duty suction and pick-up.
  • Wind Tunnel with direct air-flow technology means fast action and efficient cleaning for you.
  • Comes with 2 speeds and this Hoover won’t leave you in the dark trying to find the vacuum’s controls with the illuminated fingertip control buttons.
  • Comes with an easy to empty and clean canister, a self-sealing HEPA bag to keep dirt, debris and dander locked in, and a check-bag indicator light to let you know when the bag is full.
  • Multiple brushes for floor variety cleaning options: dusting brush, bare floor brush, crevice tool and telescopic wand for reaching into high or far-away corners.
  • Measurements of the vacuum are: 15½ x 13 x 45 inches.
  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

What customers say:

It is always helpful to hear what other customers have to say about a product. Their insight and experience with the product can help you decide if you think it would be a good purchase for you.

Many customers are in agreement that this vacuum will suit specific people that include those who need or prefer a lightweight vacuum and want a detachable canister for even easier maneuvering from room to room. Those who live in mostly carpeted homes, have stairs or need a variety of cleaning tools will find the Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Vacuum with Canister a good choice for them. Other positive features customers love are the size of the collection bag and the HEPA filter that captures and seals everything, leaving the home cleaner and healthier. There was some discontent from one customer who claimed the tools fell off the vacuum easily and was a little noisier than what was anticipated. Overall, The Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright received 4 ½ stars.

Hoover Windtunnel Air Upright Bagless, UH70400

The Hoover Windtunnel Air is one of the best rated vacuums and for good reason. Keep reading to learn about the vacuum’s features and what customers have to say about it.


  • Lightweight vacuum weighing only 12 pounds. This makes this vacuum the lightest full-size bagless upright vacuum of the Hoover vacuum collection.
  • Built with the Windtunnel technology that gives the vacuum the power and suction to pull even the toughest embedded dirt and debris buried in fibers and fabrics. The Windtunnel technology also prevents blowback action which is the blowing of dirt and debris back out onto the floor.
  • Easy to fit hose and attachments with a one-touch release for ease of attaching all onboard tools.
  • An automatic brush shut-off happens when the vacuum is put into the upright position.
  • A built-in multi-cyclonic filtration system with a rinsable HEPA filter made of HEPA material. This system will trap 99.97% of dust, dirt and allergens to 0.3 microns.

What customers say:

Many customers agree the Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless is a great vacuum for the price. Other positive comments were that the vacuum has strong suction and easily picks up dog hair, cat fur, bird feathers, litter and seeds. It easily transfers from one type of flooring to the next, is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Cleaning the filter and canister are simple and not messy. If you need a quiet vacuum, this one is low on the noise factor according to many customers and offers a long cord for travel from room to room. Some customers found the hose assembly was a bit difficult and sometimes pieces of debris, particularly long debris like string, can get wrapped up around the filter cone in the canister. For all the positive features, this vacuum was one of the best rated with 4 stars.

Panasonic “Jet Force Bagless” Upright Vacuum, MC-UL425, Dynamic Blue & Black finish

Another top rated vacuum that offers many features is the Panasonic “Jet Force Bagless” Vacuum Cleaner, Dynamic Blue & Black finish.


  • 12 amps of power give this lightweight vacuum exceptional power for easy cleaning.
  • Air Turbine system for a pet-friendly clean up vacuum.
  • Cyclonic filterless cup that collects and handles dust particles easily. Also designed with a HEPA Media Filter System for capturing the smallest particles of dust, dirt, debris and dander.
  • Shutoff for the bare floor agitator. Also includes an automatic carpet height adjuster to clean various types from shag to Berber.
  • Built with soft wheels for scratch protection on sensitive flooring.
  • 24 foot cord reel.
  • Dual active edge cleaner to reach hard to reach edges along baseboards, etc.

What customers say:

This is a lightweight, easily maneuverable vacuum that moves easily and freely. The onboard attachments remove and attach with ease. They also store well. If you need quick carpet cleanups, this is a good vacuum for the job. You can also vacuum fringes easily – on rugs and carpets, without sucking them up, but still use caution when going over delicate fringe. The retractable cord is a great length, especially for a small unit. One issue you may want to consider is that the vacuum was found to have issues with changing carpet heights and may be difficult to maneuver over mats without rubber backings. If you want a quick dry filter in your vacuum, you can expect this filter to take 24 hours to dry. All in all, this vacuum rates 4 stars among customers.

Reefs Calcium: Supporting Life's Recovery Features

In this day as well as age of hectic living, it is significantly essential to look after the only body we will certainly ever before have. We are a very complex system of checks and also equilibriums and also the only manner in which we could do at our highest degree of effectiveness is making certain that of our biomechanics are kept and also maximized. Reefs calcium assists manage the alkalinity of our bodies ensuring that cell health and wellness is preserved by regulating the level of acidity that we present right into ourselves by being revealed to ecological as well as eaten contaminants. By keeping an alkaline setting in our bodies, we are making certain proceeded wellness as well as durability of our cells, both muscle and also skeletal.

Lengthy made use of in Japanese society to advertise wellness and also long life, reefs calcium is made from surface area reefs which implies that no living reefs is threatened planned of this healthy and balanced supplement. We are all coming to be significantly worried about not just the health and wellness of our very own bodies, however with the basic health and wellness of the world, particularly aquatic life. Not just does coral reefs calcium assistance advertise our very own health and wellness, it in no chance hurts aquatic life as it is collected from nonliving, over ground coral reefs.

From the moment we begin strolling, we attack our bodies with our exercises, inadequate diet regimens, climatic contaminants, everyday tensions as well as basic misuse. Reefs calcium aids to turn around these problems by advertising elimination of waste and also hazardous contaminants from the body. By offering extremely absorbable resources of calcium as well as various other crucial minerals, reefs calcium aids the body recover itself to optimum degrees of wellness as well as joy.

Bone toughness and also thickness is significant problem for many ladies as well as an ever before enhancing variety of guys. The foods we consume, the drinks that we consume as well as the way of livings that we lead typically sap our bodies of the minerals that we should sustain our ever before enhancing frameworks. Weakening of bones is a startling epidemic as well as is something that most of us have to understand. Coral reefs Calcium is made up of the an extremely comparable framework and also mix of minerals that our very own bone framework is comprised of. Therefore it advertises recovery as well as toughness of the extremely structure of our bodies the we have actually invested our lives damaging down.

The most effective component of coral reefs calcium is that it is 100% all-natural and also doesn t consist of any one of the frightening artificial ingredients that lots of supplements have that obtained us right into our damaged placement to begin with. By complying with the guidance of numerous all natural therapists and also sustaining your diet plan with reefs calcium, you are aiding your body recover itself with the really minerals that it is composed of. An exceptional resource of calcium as well as magnesium, reefs calcium is showing to be an added supplement to a healthy and balanced diet plan.

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